Creativity to the Moon

About Us

Where We're From?

My entire life, i dreamed of working in movies. It was never to be rich and famous. Film and Television just fascinate me. My business partner, MaryBeth, and I grew up with artistic ambitions. She is a fabulous writer and Artistic Director. I have been writing, directing, and film editing for years.

When we met in 2007, we formed a comedy duo named "PandAmiExperience". We made youtube vlogs together. Eventually it turned into us enjoying more the process of the videos rather than being in them. So we decided to use our artistic backgrounds and form a production company. AmieLunaWorks is our dream and our baby and it would mean the world for us to see it suceed.

Origin of our name:

Our name comes from my own, Amie, as well as a nickname referencing my affinity for night time, Luna, given to me by my late father.